SKETCHBOOKS Drawing is used as an act of discovery and my regular sketchbooks are used as part of a preparatory process towards finished works. However, I work in special books, some handmade, creating a piece of work, usually on a Sunday. I started this as a disciplined activity in 2016 as part of my practice. The works do not set out to be related to studio work in progress, but are created spontaneously with any materials that are to hand. To date I have completed over 380 works and book six commenced on 25th February 2024. 


I will be taking part in this year’s Marches Makers Festival in Kington. Exhibiting and co – Curating in the Church as well as having the studio open by appointment. The Marches Makers Website carries full details and says….

“We are excited to announce that our next Marches Makers Festival will be held over the May Day holiday weekend 4th, 5th and 6th May 2024. This year, more than 40 outstanding artists have been invited to exhibit their work in the beautiful setting of St Mary’s Church, Kington. More exhibitions are being held in and around Kington, alongside open studios, demonstrations, community participation events, live theatre and music.”


h.Art ( Herefordshire Arts Week) Sept 7 – 15  2024

I have now registered for this years event. My page on the website is now live.







Clearwell Caves, Forest of Dean.

Most of my natural earth pigments are sourced from the Clearwell Caves. The exhibition which closed at the beginning of February was a unique opportunity to see my work in the place where the pigments are mined. Around 30 works were on show including new work using coal, ground to a fine  pigment. website:

Clearwell Exhibition

Coal works at the Clearwell Caves