hArt ( Herefordshire Arts Week 2019) proved as interesting as ever with over 185 visitors to the studio in the nine days. Many thanks to all the people who took the trouble to call in and make the event such a positive experience. It is very sad to report that because of the corona virus the 2020 h.Art Week has had to be cancelled.

Marches Makers Festival 2020 A great deal of organisation had already been done for the 2020 Festival.However, because of the uncertainty created by the corona virus the committee has decided to  cancel this year. 

There are three new works on the gallery page: ‘The Order Erodes’, ‘ Earth Order in Three’, and  ‘Earth Rich Veins. I hope to exhibit these as soon as possible.

The studio

 Made in the Marches Gallery in Kington have been running an online gallery for some time during lockdown. However, they are now opening the gallery to showcase their new exhibition, ‘Small Is beautiful’. I have submitted 10 works. I have also included my first Sunday Sketchbook containing 100 works (12 x 12 cm). I do a work every Sunday morning. I liked the idea of the discipline of this and the potential to break away from my regular work if I feel like it. Since this book was started in 2016 I have completed a second book, a beautiful leather bound volume given to me by its maker. It now contains 80 works. I started book 3 in January 2020. The individual works will be for sale.