Grid Series #4
Pen and ink, earth pigment on paper
460 x 460 mm
Raw Burnt Umber
Earth pigments on board
480mm x 480mm


Herefordshire Art Week

The Courtyard Centre for the Arts, Hereford.

Old Chapel Gallery Pembridge, Herefordshire.

Silk Top Hat Gallery, Ludlow.      Contact 01584 875 363

Clearwell Caves, Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Fitting Frames. 2, Woodside, Brilley, Herefordshire HR3 6HE   01497 831 32

Fine Furniture contact Timothy Hawkins and Gallery

Made in the Marches  Contact: E:       12 Church Street, Kington, HR5 3AZ

Marches Makers Festival, Kington.

Vulgar Earth Artists Collective.